Sunday, August 07, 2011

New Job, New House, New Life

So I've been asked to write. First the bizarre: when logging into my blogspot account, my backup email showed up as my name and my former fiance's last name @ I don't remember ever setting up that account.

But anyway, how's the new living?

Driving cross-country was amazing. I was worried about the stress, but I loved it. We settled in at my parents' house, and took the summer off.

Living at my parents' place was great. Yes, we were squished into two rooms, but I really loved living there. Good company, good food, comfortable living.

So lived there, eh? Yup, two weeks ago we closed on our first house. We tried out a few realtors, ended up going with a recommendation from my boss, and she bent over backwards for us. We made an offer on a house on our first day together, and we accepted the counteroffer the next day. The closing took forever, but we got a great house for a green-with-envy price and the lowest interest rate I've heard of. The best thing I ever did was join the military. About 13 years after joining, my military service enabled us to do something I never thought I'd be able to do- buy a house. Thanks VA loan.

Because this is mostly anonymous, I'll chat about my husband a bit (if you're reading, Dad, just keep in mind that you're one of the only readers that knows me- so I can vent). We've had a tough couple of years. He was unmotivated on the job front and is horrible when it comes to financial responsibility. I will say that buying a house has mostly been good for him. He still thinks I can pay all the bills by myself, but he's motivated to work on the house. More than I can say for myself. I sit around and watch HGTV.

And my job. I'm not happy. These are the most difficult kids I've ever worked with. My Algebra kids don't do anything. My eighth graders are up and down, and my seventh graders can't stay quiet for more than 10 seconds. I've never had behavior management problems, but I do this year. Luckily, my principal has only seen good lessons. Speaking of principals, the administration is amazing.


MCB said...

How's the class? Did any of the discipline issues get better? I taught middle school one year. Could not get the discipline thing straightened out so I tutor now.

Poor_Statue said...

Things are better this year. I've discovered that I'm terrible at enforcing rules with high schoolers, but so far it's okay. My husband and I have talked about me switching to just tutoring because I'm tired of the classroom, but we really need the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog both here and on No Mother. I would love to subscribe so that I can keep up with you, but can't figure out how to subscribe. Can you please add me to your


Poor_Statue said...

Discipline hasn't really changed.

Anonymous, adding you to my e-mail won't do anything. I think you can set up a google account that is compatible with blogger and then follow blogs through that.

Thanks for reading.

jenny said...
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modern envy said...

Sorry to hear about the hard times, there will be a light at the end of the table.

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