Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Got a Job!

Last week, I went to Arizona hoping for some interviews. I had planned the trip months before, but almost canceled because my job search had yielded nothing. It didn't seem worth it to spend the money with nothing lined up.

That Monday, I got two calls to set up interviews. I had my suit all ready to go.

I had the first one on Friday. I knew it went well when they set up my second interview right then. The principal was at the NCTM conference so they were waiting for her to get back. I'm so glad I took a personal day on Monday to save money because that was my only opportunity for a second interview.

This time, there were four kids and three adults. I was so nervous after. Did I say something wrong? Did I relate to the kids well enough?

My flight left that afternoon. I was so overwhelmed on the flight, playing the interview over and over in my mind wondering if I'd screwed up.

When I landed at 12:30AM, I had a message on my phone that they wanted to offer me the job.

I called Tuesday while someone watched my students, but got voicemail. I broke the rules by leaving my cellphone on and she called back about 5 minutes later. I shushed my students to take the call. I had already decided I was going to take it no matter what the pay was, but I could tell she was nervous about telling me the salary. The thing is, the other school I interviewed with told me such a low salary that I was prepared for the worst. The salary still sucks (though not as bad as the other place), but they're going to add a stipend for me to do curriculum work.

She cheered when I said I'd take it.

So far they've emailed me every day asking what I'd like them to buy. I asked for some manipulatives. They're looking at some intervention programs, but I'm having a hard time saying yes. I hate spending other people's money. I finally sent an email on Friday with a definitive answer.

They are already taking my input so seriously that I'm a little nervous. I can't work miracles though I'll certainly try. They said the kids are really low (25% pass rate on the state exam and Arizona is 48th in the country on national exams).

They also said that the teachers' biggest complaint is discipline. I guess the kids there will actually swear at teachers. I know this is common at other schools, but it doesn't happen at my school. Kids sometimes swear, but never at a teacher. I'm already reading some classroom management books even though I've never really had a problem (until this year, but that's a whole other story.)

I'm really excited about the opportunity to help them improve their math program even though I'm very nervous.

But mostly I'm thrilled to be moving with a job in place, and I'm thrilled to have found a job in a school that I actually feel excited about even if they might have unrealistic expectations about what I can do.

I got another call for an interview when I got home, and it felt good to say I had accepted an offer at another school.


Jess said...

Lots going on! Glad you got a job that sounds promising (other than the swearing, yikes)! GL!!!

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