Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding Weekend

The pre-wedding:

I got a manicure and pedicure from an amazing girl. The pedicure was decided last minute and was great. I'd never had either so it was a nice treat. I was so happy that my nails made it up to the manicure.

Rehearsal Dinner:

It was a success. Other than the odd fact that my parents were not seated at the main table with us, everyone had fun. The food was delicious. My daughter, having declared that the flower girl should be seated next to the bride, spent a good portion of the night sharing a chair with my sister and I.

The wedding:

Despiter my fears, my hair and makeup came out perfect. We enjoyed mimosas while we got ready. I left my veil at the hotel, but my sister's boyfriend went to get it. We arrived at the Country Club and had more mimosas. My sweetie's mom showed up really late, delaying our pictures by quite a bit. Finally, I got ready. I had to wait a bit for everyone to gather at the bottom of the stairs so that I could make a proper entrance. We were taking the pictures before the ceremony, but I wanted to have a special entrance before the pictures.

My daughter and my sister looked amazing.

The weather cooperated. Despite freezing rain in the middle of the week, the day was warm enough to take pictures outside. Although my fiance hated the photographer when we first met him, he fell in love with him that day. The photographer was terrific.

I waited upstairs to begin.

The ceremony began and went off beautifully. Although we had bought a video camera, my fiance's brother had left it in the car. I looked around and noticed no one was videotaping. I almost stopped the cremony and wish I would have. Luckily, my niece took some video with her camera. I watched it today (my friend made sure to get it copied by the photographer right then and there) and my niece had filmed our vows. I cried when watching it. Though I was disappointed not to get the whole thing, I felt a lot better knowing she got the important part. During the vows I got teary. W held hands through the whole ceremony. Later everyone said they wanted to marry him because of the way he looked at me the whole time.

We mingled during the cocktail hour while one of the staff followed us around the whole time with a tray of hors d'ouevres.

I delayed the introductions because I found out the camera was still in the car. I started crying again, this time because I couldn't believe that after the ceremony mishap, the brother messed up again. The staff took care of it and then my sister made sure that she captured the rest of the important moments.

The food was great. I wasn't nervous. Everyone was terrific. At the last minute, I sang for him. We danced and made merry. My junior high friend took me out on the dance floor twice to spin me around.

A lot of people left early, but plenty stayed. It was a little weird celebrating during the daytime. It made the party atmosphere a little less so, but I had plenty of fun.

After the wedding, we went to our favorite little place in Providence with my sister and his brother.

Then we checked into our hotel, courtesy of my sister.

Our two days were wonderful. Last night we treated ourselves to room service- champagne and strawberries. We also had our first married fight that day, but we lived.


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Barb said...

Congrats PS. May you have a joyous life together.

cjoy said...

Congratulations! May it be the beginning of a wonderful life together!

Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

I used to read your blog long ago. I am the adoptive mom to one and experienced a failed adoption with another child. While I know it isn't the same, I now have a greater understanding of what a birth mother goes through when she loses a child. I am so happy your daughter was able to stand up in your wedding and happy for you at the occasion!

heatherrainbow said...

Congratulations on your wedding! :) I wish you much happiness with your husband and family!~

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Just decided to check up on some blog reading tonight and found out you got married months ago! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! It sounded like a beautiful day!

Love, Breanna TDKOL

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Thank you!

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